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The Organic Knowledge Hub (OKH) is quite literally a ‘hub’ of information concerning the Australian Organics Industry. 

The OKH provides a way to access many disparate sources of information, including: universities, state and federal research agencies, Industry bodies and International agencies.

The OKH is different from a regular search engine in that it only returns search results from a selected list of sites. This list is growing all the time as we find new sites, and has been selected by representatives from Australia’s peak Organics bodies; including the BFA, OFA, IFOAM, universities and government agencies.

This increases the chance of finding the information you are looking for, and reduces the chance of returning less-relevant results.

The key feature of the OKH is a tailored search engine specifically designed to aggregate information, research, reports and case studies.

What does the orange BETA label mean at the top of the page?

Beta usually refers to software that is feature complete, but that is still undergoing final testing. We have chosen an ‘open beta’ which means that we’ve released this software to the general public to allow people to access, use and benefit from this as early as possible. We’ve ironed out most bugs, but we’d love to hear from you and for you to help us make it even better!

We are always trying to improve, so please send any feedback or comments to:

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The Organics Knowledge Hub was originally funded and developed by the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC). Ownership and management of the Organics Knowledge Hub was transferred from RIRDC to the Organics Federation of Australia (OFA) in 2013.